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📌 Numbered recommendations are generally characterized by the following sections that include:
1.- A blue stamp and an associated unique number.
2.- They are intended for research and analysis.
3.- Biography of author / s.
4.- Descriptive record of the book.
5.- References to the publisher.
6.- As a general help policy for authors and publishers, if it is a book or a course / tutorial, we include at least one place to obtain it.

📌📌 The recommendations (NOT numbered) are characterized because they do not have the previous sections and also:
5.- A pink seal.
6.- They are conceived as an educational resource for training and learning.
7.- They are usually inserted as a document / book.
8.-We do not allow printing, copying, or sharing the resource. Only reading is available.

📌📌📌 Sometimes because of the complexity of classification we are forced to use a mixture of both. We try not to happen.

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