Políticas de Editorial | Editorial Policies

Descripción de las políticas editoriales de Formaempleo en publicaciones, privacidad, adscripción a los criterios de transparencia COPE, adscripción a la filosofía de Ciencia Abierta, adscripción a criterios universales ( Internet Archive) y otros. [English] Description of the editorial policies of Formaempleo in publications, privacy, ascription to the criteria of transparency COPE, ascription to the philosophy of Open Science, ascription to universal criteria (Internet Archive) and others.

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📌 Numbered recommendations are generally characterized by the following sections that include:
1.- A blue stamp and an associated unique number.
2.- They are intended for research and analysis.
3.- Biography of author / s.
4.- Descriptive record of the book.
5.- References to the publisher.
6.- As a general help policy for authors and publishers, if it is a book or a course / tutorial, we include at least one place to obtain it.

📌📌 The recommendations (NOT numbered) are characterized because they do not have the previous sections and also:
5.- A pink seal.
6.- They are conceived as an educational resource for training and learning.
7.- They are usually inserted as a document / book.
8.-We do not allow printing, copying, or sharing the resource. Only reading is available.

📌📌📌 Sometimes because of the complexity of classification we are forced to use a mixture of both. We try not to happen.